This Hope, as a charity, exists to be a force for community transformation, innovation, and hope. We are seeking ways that we can provide support relating to issues within our society and community such as pastoral care, , building relationships, mental health support, loneliness, poverty and marginalisation, as well as providing teaching and an active demonstration in regard to Jesus’ call to discover our true humanity, and his call to non-violence and peacemaking.

My first book ‘The Ghost of Perfection: Searching for Humanity’ is available to buy, published by Wipf and Stock. Within it, using Scripture, film and culture, I explore what it means to be human in light of the person of Jesus, providing insights that can be shared locally and nationally in seminars, as well as teaching and discipleship courses. It is a book that is said to have, “the brazen fearlessness of a Hebrew Prophet like Amos,” a book that has been described as “indispensable.”

And then there is the joy and hard work of simple relationship, loving unconditionally, journeying with people in the reality of our lives together. And this is what This Hope seeks to be committed to because, we believe, this is what Jesus was committed to.

We need your support.


We’ve launched “This Ten”, a monthly giving scheme that enables people to give to the work of This Hope and support what we are seeking to do within our community.

“This Ten” will enable this pioneering, unique and vital work, not only to continue, but to thrive and flourish.

With your prayers and giving, the work of This Hope can go from strength to strength. Our heart is to be able to not only support what we are already doing, but to develop and expand so that others can join the work. So could you help?

Can you be part of the scheme and give £10 a month?

By signing up you will receive regular updates from me, and be invited once a year to an event where you will meet some of the people for whom your gift helps This Hope support, hear their stories, and chat with them.

We would love you to come and visit us, to see in reality what can only be glimpsed at through this post. I would be happy to come and meet with you, speak at your church/community group, and share in person what we are doing.

If you would like to consider signing up to “This Ten” then contact me via or check out This Hope’s website here for giving details.

Thank you in advance for your support and kindness.