I am a Rev, and my life and ministry is all about people; exploring who Jesus is, sharing life, chaplaincy, loving unconditionally, pastoral care, supporting, helping, praying; it is all about relationship.

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The ministry I set up is called This Hope, and my writing is part of my calling as a Rev within this charity. My writing is part of who I am and what I do, and I need people to invest in me to help bring my books to publication.

As a registered charity we need support from people who believe in the work we are seeking to do, both in our own physical community, and the wider community that my writing reaches.

I have The Ghost of Perfection coming out this year, a book that asks what it means to be human, I also have another book exploring the horror genre coming out next year, both being published by a publisher, which is exciting! But there are personal financial costs involved.

So if you would like to support my work, either with a one-off gift, or through regular giving, then details are below. If it’s towards my writing put ‘book’ with your gift.

You will be giving to This Hope and you can check out our website (www.thishope.co.uk), or get in touch with me for more info.

Thank you.


If you would like to invest in my writing or donate to the work of This Hope, either through a one-off gift, or regular giving, then details are below. Or you can speak with our Treasurer, Caroline: info@carolinelaver.co.uk

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