#MeToo and Male Failure

What the hell is wrong with men?

#MeToo has been trending on social media highlighting the depth of sexual abuse committed against woman by men in all spheres of society.

#MeToo has confirmed that men have not simply messed up, but that they have been perpetrators of great pain and injustice against woman.

There will be those who will seek to downplay the scale of the abuse, who will “mansplain” woman’s experiences and tell them that it isn’t as bad as they say it is. There will be those who will use spiritual bullshit to moan about the stripping of masculinity in society because of some “Jezebel spirit” that has stripped men of their status and allowed powerful woman to take control and manipulate men to do their bidding (yeah, there are men who blog about this very subject, just google it). There will be those dicks (yes, I use that on purpose) who speak about the need to celebrate patriarchy and that woman have lost their identity because of a lose of patriarchal society.

Don’t listen to them. It’s simple; men, we have sinned against woman, abused them and hurt them, and treated them as less than human, without dignity or respect. We have failed. Men, it is our fault.


Men, we need to change our ways. We need a heart bypass, a spiritual, emotional renewal. We need to repent; change of heart, change of mind, change of behaviour.

Woman, I’m sorry. I believe you.

There is no doubt that there are men who refuse to take responsibility for their lives, who live as though they are unaccountable to anyone. When we live in a time where a woman’s body is seen as another commodity, a means through which men can get instant gratification such as capitalist consumerism indoctrinate us to believe, then the perpetration of abuse against woman will simply continue as men continue to refuse to take responsibility because of the desire of gratification. These dehumanizing power plays need to stop.

We need to recognise how we are connected in ways beyond our understanding, how our lives are interconnected so that my own life and actions directly impact yours, and vice-a-versa.

The sexual abuse against woman is a massive problem, and we need to change our ways.


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