Divine Sex

“Humanity is waiting, waiting to be made truly human by the True human, waiting to be fully incorporated into his resurrection life, waiting for all things to be reconciled to himself. Sexual desire is, then, a glimpse at divine desire. For in our sexual desire we are expressing a longing for intimacy with God. Again, such language may seem difficult to grasp, but as discussed earlier, all desire, no matter how disoriented and destructive it is, springs from a desire within humanity for the “transcendent good of the universe.” We are created to be in relationship with our creator, so we search and scratch and seek to be incorporated into that Life, often with very little awareness that this is what we desire. In our sexual desire there is a waiting and a longing, and then in our erotic ecstasy, when humanity expresses itself sexually at its best, we discover something of the divine life breaking into the moment. We leave our solitude and our own space and invite another to join us there, sharing in “the loss of boundary of skin . . . to meet in a shared space, a shared breath.” At the reconciliation of all things, humanity will discover at last what it means to truly love God and love one another. We will be “sharers in the divine nature” (2 Pet 1:4) and have an intimacy with God that will go beyond all previous intimate and loving encounters.” 

The Ghost of Perfection: Searching for Humanity, p 103-104

Get your copy here,

The Ghost of Perfection: Searching for Humanity https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1532614896/


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