From Brian D. McLaren

“What does one do when the nations of the world are convulsed with change, disoriented by a train of catastrophes, and, at the same time, polarized and paralyzed? And to make matters worse, what does one do when the churches, where we might hope to find some measure of wisdom, are too often at the vanguard of the problems rather than the solutions? Here’s what one does: stop and ask some basic questions, like the ones addressed so intelligently and humanely, with beautiful writing and thinking, by Joe Haward in The Ghost of Perfection.”

Brian D. McLaren, is a speaker, activist, and author of a dozen books including The Great Spiritual Migration, A New Kind of Christianity, and A Generous Orthodoxy.

Check out his website and books here.

You can buy a signed copy of The Ghost of Perfection by getting directly in touch with me, or you can get it on Amazon or at Wipf and Stock. 


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