Government and Human Sacrifice

‘Researchers exploring why there has been a substantial increase in mortality in England and Wales in 2015 conclude that failures in health and social care system linked to disinvestment are likely to be the main cause.

There were 30,000 excess deaths in 2015, representing the largest increase in deaths in the post-war period.

Professor Martin McKee, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: “The impact of cuts resulting from the imposition of austerity on the NHS has been profound. Expenditure has failed to keep pace with demand and the situation has been exacerbated by dramatic reductions in the welfare budget of 16.7 billion and in social care spending.” (Read the full story here)

‘The programme of reassessing people on disability benefits using the Work Capability Assessment was independently associated with an increase in suicides, self-reported mental health problems and antidepressant prescribing.’ (Read full report here)

Because of cuts there ‘were hundreds of suicides by the very lowest estimates, though we who spend our days working with people who are struggling to survive this government know there are more which aren’t counted; that there are many, many deaths because the stress and fear and pain and malnutrition and isolation exacerbated a person’s condition to the point of lethality.’ (Read full blog here)

‘. . .take the power away from them. Take away the stones and the hanging ropes and let us move back towards a world where human sacrifice is not a price worth paying for some people to have a lot of shiny coins.’ (Read full blog here)

Since 2014 suicide rates within the UK have increased by 3.8%. (Read full report here)

Human sacrifice is alive and well.

It appears that this government has been directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of people.

In their push for an austerity driven political ideology, where the interests of the most wealthy are protected, people have been sacrificed and killed in order to bring blessing and prosperity to the keepers of power and influence; the priests of economic religion have carried out their priestly duties with ruthless proficiency, ensuring the rituals are strictly followed.

The ‘odious other’ (the most vulnerable) of our communities are slaughtered so that the elites may have their own peace, and continue to hold influence and dominance in the corridors of worldly power.

The disabled, those with mental illness, the poorest and most vulnerable have been dispatched with a ruthlessness despots of the past would be proud of.

Let us be clear, a vote for the Conservatives at the General Election is to vote for the continued brutalisation and causation of death of people within our communities.

The decisions we make in life are not simply about ‘me’, they are about us. We are who we are because of one another. If we choose to pursue love, mercy, and the common good, to raise the lowly, to care for the vulnerable, to give a voice to voiceless, to walk with the forgotten and lonely, then our society, our communities are changed, experience healing, hope, and transformation. In life together we encounter an abundance that gaining the whole world could never come close to.

We have a decision to make on June 8th as to whether we will continue to support the human sacrifice embedded within the political ideology of this government, or if we will collectivize together to bring long-lasting change that will bring hope to real transformation to our communities, whereby we care for our neighbour, take notice of the reality of the suffering people are going through and work together in order to bring grassroots change, supported by our MP’s.

If you would like to know more about how we can work together to get this government out of power and bring about long-lasting change then please get in touch.



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