The Ghost of Perfection

“The Ghost of Perfection is a multi-perspective analysis of the major symptoms of the disease plaguing Protestant Christianity, viz., a sacrificial hermeneutic. If in times past one identified the marks of Christianity as “one, holy, catholic and apostolic” today Joe Haward has put his finger on the marks of contemporary Christendom with the brazen fearlessness of a Hebrew Prophet like Amos. These marks of triumphalism testify to a Christianity apart from the Cross of Christ, a Christianity living in a faux realized eschatology replete with big houses, luxury cars, hefty bank accounts, swimming pools, country club memberships and elegant soirees. This Christianity is touted on Christian television, radio, and from publishing houses, most religious best sellers have to do with improving one’s life or wallet. This is a Christianity that is haunted by the ghost of perfection. So how do we escape such a vicious box?

If we are going to reframe our theology we must first rethink our anthropology; we humans have a tendency to make God from our own image. One way to do this is to engage the discipline of theological anthropology. This is what The Ghost of Perfection really is: a theological anthropology richly sourced from cinema, novels, philosophers, biblical scholars, philosophers and others. This pastoral inter-disciplinary style is what makes this a fascinating read; the content, the solutions Pastor Haward offers make this book indispensable. I wish someone had written a book like this thirty years ago when I was a pastor. It is a pleasure and a delight to commend this Joseph Haward and his debut work The Ghost of Perfection.”

From the foreword by Michael Hardin, author and theologian, founder of Preaching Peace (


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