Mental Illness and Government Bullshit

Let us be clear, this Conservative government will never be a champion for the people, will never provide polity or practice that will develop a healthy and progressive society.

Today’s speech by Theresa May in regard to mental health is pure propaganda, an example of political rhetoric, or, in starker terms, utter bullshit.

The reasons for the increase in mental health problems, the surge in anxiety and depression, eating disorders and self-harm, are complex and numerous.

The ideology that underpins the political landscape of neoliberalism, an ideology that successive governments have bowed before, is part of the problem.

A culture of perfectionism, image and inadequacy plays a part.

Nostalgia, fear of ‘other’, misplaced and contagious desire all have a significant role.

The schooling system in the UK and the dismantling of education by a government that has no idea what education actually is, piling unnecessary and immoral pressure on pupils and teachers is a major factor.

Like I say, complex.

The words that are coming out of 10 Downing Street are meaningless because of the political ideology that the government adheres to. The plight of people suffering with depression and anxiety and mental health issues are meaningless to the those that occupy the places of power. The ‘principalities and powers’, the ‘System’ as Walter Wink described it, is against the health, healing and wholeness of humanity because it is so broken and contaminated. The culture that is developing around us is all contributing to the extreme complexities and challenges of rising mental health illness in the UK.

There will be no extra money given to tackle the RISING plight of mental health. The NHS is already underfunded. Simply trying to channel some money from one area to another will not work in an already stretched and underfunded system.

There is little help for specialist services and no extra help in accessing these services.

There is not adequate information for patients, resulting in confusion, greater anxiety and fear.

There is little support for those in the armed forces, told to ‘drink’ in order to deal with the trauma of war and a culture of violence and institution.

People are having to sometimes travel hundreds of miles for beds and to access the service that they need.

Where is the increase in training and education, in research and development, in cultural and anthropological studies in regard to mental health? This is what we need, as well as commentary and insight as to the nature and reality of the culture in which we live and why such a culture has seen the monumental rise in mental illness.

In short, Theresa May can talk about a ‘shared society’ and transforming attitudes, but its all just words,words, words from a government that do not care about the most vulnerable in our society.

The change will not come from government, they simply do not care.

The change can only come from grass-roots, from collectivized communities discovering together how to be human, how to support and care for one another in difficult and challenging times.

Mental health needs our attention, focus and we need to become ever more educated.


It is not an ‘invisible illness’, it is very visible and our cultural attitude needs to be transformed. This transformation cannot and will not come from government, but from our shared humanity coming together, listening to those who face the daily struggle of mental illness and learning from them together as to how to bring the much-needed transformation.


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