You Are Loved

You are beautiful.

In this life we are invited to discover the depth of our beauty, confronting the reality of our brokenness, stepping into the joy of our humanity.

Faith, hope and love dance in the chambers of eternity, beckoning us into this dance of divine inclusiveness.

Do not live in fear as though you are merely atoms colliding together towards an abyss of eternal endings. You are called and created for relationship, a child of God, beautiful, precious, loved.


Do you know how much you are loved?

Love has been breaking out from eternity to eternity upon our wounded selves, upon a fractured and groaning cosmos, breathing hope into the despair.

Love is lavished upon the world, surrounding all that is in the wonder of Relationship, drawing us into something more than ourselves, drawing us to Someone who sings over us and dances with us.

New wine poured out, a feast, a party, laughter; Love has prepared a banquet and we are invited!

There is beauty all around for Love has revealed the depth of Self, poured out like the new wine to quench our thirsty souls.

God is Love and this God will stop at nothing to embrace you in the wonder of this love, a love that stretches out beyond the horizon, yet bathes us in its warmth today.

This love of God – Abba, PaPa – is a love that does not make light of your pain, that does not promise quick fixes or white knight saving experiences, rather it is a love that is present with you, always, in the doubt and depression and joy and despair and laughter and silence. The love of God is such that nothing can separate you from it, no toil or hardship or suffering will ever separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

This love does not require anything from you but simple, gentle trust. This love is unconditionality, total self-giving love that embraces you in darkness of despair and in the light of resurrection morning.

This God of love calls you by name, standing at the tomb of the resurrection, leaving behind the darkness of sin and hate and violence, beckoning you into Light that brings faith and hope bathed in love.

You are beautifully you, loved as the person that you are, this Jesus inviting you to know who you are in light of this great love and so become ever more human, casting off all that entangles us, all the destructive attitudes and behaviour that robs us of our humanity.

This love dances off our souls like the glitter of the sun on the deep blue sea.

This love meets with us in the truth of ourselves and refuses to be repulsed, but rather redeems, restores and reaches into our hearts, leading us towards the Face of Beauty.

This love stretches out into eternity from the outstretched arms and heart of the Crucified Jesus, declaring to us that we are loved, declaring that you are loved.


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