Over time this blog will seek to be a place of provocation, exploration and an entering into Divine Love.

It is my conviction that in the person of Jesus of Nazareth God has revealed God’s Self in totality. Therefore all that we need to know about who God is and who we are is found and revealed in Christ.

In Jesus we discover the freeing truth and in doing so can begin to enter into relationships of Unconditionality.


Yet this truth is dangerous. Indeed, such is the freedom and revolution it brings many seek to rebuke it, cover it, suppress it for the sake of their own mental security and because of their own fear. Yet perfect love casts out fear! Jesus is Lord! So we challenge and preach the truth, praying that, as Martin Luther King Jr said, light would drive out the darkness, love would drive out the hate.

There are thinkers and writers that underpin and inform all that I am and all that I write about, people like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, René Girard, Gregory of Nyssa, Martin Luther King Jr and Julian of Norwich. The themes and topics of this blog will always carry within them the work of these people, even if it is in the background like music in a film. I am not an expert, merely a disciple and so will always credit those who have helped shaped my thinking.

There are experts and disciples still alive who will always be deeply valued in these posts, people like Stanley Hauerwas, Michael Hardin, Rowan Williams, Slavoj Žižek, Marilyn Robinson and David Bentley Hart.

There are those whose spirituality who will shape the nature of these posts, people like Rosa Parks, Jean Vanier, Brennan Manning, Henri Nouwen, Walter Wink and Macrina.

I will not hold back in critiquing both the Church and Western culture and all the ways in which people are stripped of their humanity. It is important that we challenge all that militates against the love of God revealed in the Person of Jesus Christ.

The topics and issues covered on this blog will be many and varied, as we ask questions of the culture, elites and political establishment. Like many, many others we will ask questions, challenge and offer alternatives to long held doctrines surrounding Scripture, hell and the Cross.

I will always seek to stand up for the marginalised and oppressed, the poor and vulnerable, the LGBTIQ community, refugees and scapegoated communities. So this blog will also be a place that welcomes awareness, and raises the profile of events happening in your communities that challenge the oppressors, war, violence, greed and oppression.

Ultimately what I hope to show and share is that God is nonviolent, Unconditionality, full of grace, total love, unlimited forgiveness.

So I would love for you to join me, to help me, to teach me and for us to discover this God together as we tumble down the rabbit hole towards an uncertain but hopeful adventure.


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